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Italian Restaurants in Toronto

Simply Italian Since 2003

Good Times, Good Food, Good Memories


Welcome to Vaticano Restaurant

An Authentic Taste of Italy

Dive into the traditional cucina Romana with Chef Felice Vacca in the heart of Yorkville. 

The pasta prodigy taught by his mother continues to share the recipes. Like lasagna Mamma Laura, prepared with the freshest ingredients in our delicious tomato sauce. Not to be missed are the craft cocktails and a lengthily Italian wine list.

His Words

"Being able to share my passion for food is a success, the simple ingredients of Italy can be stretched out to something extraordinary. I'm grateful for my friends and loyal customers that have aside my journey"


- Felice Vacca

Felice Vacca
Vaticano Italian Restaurant


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25 Bellair Street, Toronto, ON  /  Tel. 416-924-4967

90 Niagara Blvd, Fort Erie, ON  /  Tel. 905-871-6244

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