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Welcome To Vaticano

Traditionally Italian Since 2003

Food: View our exquisite dishes, designed from the ground up by Felice Vacca.


His Words

"Being able to share my passion for food is a success, the simple ingredients of Italy can be stretched out to something extraordinary. I'm grateful for my friends and loyal customers who have aside my journey"

- Felice Vacca

Experiences: View our monthly events and sign up for our Newsletter.


Our History

Vaticano Restaurant has been in existence since 2003, but that doesn't necessarily mean our recipes were. Our culinary history traces back to the 1960s when our celebrity Chef, Felice Vacca's mother, started crafting these delightful dishes. Felice Vacca developed a passion for these recipes during his teenage years and dreamt of establishing a place where everyone could savor and relish genuine traditional Italian cuisine

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